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Engage, obtain and retain customers for your online store on Messenger.

Use Messenger in a new and smarter way to help you grow your online store. Create audiences, send out campaigns and increase revenue for your store.

Messenger Marketing for your online store.

Use Messenger as a sales channel for your online store. Allow them to shop with your store on a platform they are already using.

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  • Campaigns on Messenger

    Email marketing on Messenger. Send campaigns to your customers and get 80% open rates.

  • Your products on Messenger.

    Get your products on Messenger and allow your users to shop with your store on a platform they are already using.

  • Segment your audience

    Create different Messenger links to your Facebook page and show users only what they want to see.

  • Price is 49$ per month with a 14 day free trial

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It suprised me how little I knew about Messenger and how it could help my online store. iBot opened my eyes to a whole new world of marketing.


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